About Us

Dr Margaret
Medical Practitioner

MBBS, CertSkinCancerSurg

Dr Margaret is our clinic founder and has been a registered medical practitioner for 45 years. She graduated from the University of Queensland and has been practicing in the area of cosmetic medicine for over a decade. Dr Margaret has completed The Skin Cancer Surgery Workshop Program, obtained from The University of Queensland. Dr Margaret has also obtained internationally recognised industry certificates after completing advanced injectable training with industry leaders Allergan. She has also undergone cosmetic medicine training by the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine (ACAM) and Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science (AACDS).

Nurse Kate
Cosmetic Nurse

BNursing, DipNursing, AdvDipCosDermSc, VocGradCertCosNursing, Cert IV Training & Assessment

Nurse Kate is a Registered Nurse, with over a decade of experience and practice in the area of cosmetic medicine. Nurse Kate has expertise in the artistry involved with cosmetic injectables, as well as specific knowledge in current facial rejuvenation techniques. Nurse Kate is a past-lecturer for GrayClay Medical Aesthetics Education, teaching postgraduate studies in Cosmetic Medicine. Nurse Kate’s qualifications include: Bachelor of Nursing (Queensland University and Technology); Vocational Graduate Certificate of Cosmetic Nursing (Postgraduate) (Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science); Advanced Diploma of Cosmetic Dermal Science (Postgraduate) (Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science); including ITEC Diploma of Microdermabrasion Treatments. Nurse Kate graduated with a high level of theoretical knowledge in cosmetic medicine and advanced dermal therapy skills. Kate has trained with industry leaders Allergan, obtaining internationally recognised industry certificates.

Nurse Lakan
Cosmetic Nurse


Nurse Lakan is a Registered Nurse with a wealth of experience in the area of non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Nurse Lakan maintains a professional and calming environment for her patients and is well respected and produces lovely results from her treatments. Lakan spends her free time researching and developing current aesthetic techniques and skills to strengthen the teams knowledge to ensure patient satisfaction and safe.

Nurse Ellen
Cosmetic Nurse


Nurse Ellen is a Registered Nurse who graduated from Griffith University with a Bachelor of  Nursing. Nurse Ellen prides herself on providing high level patient care and optimal patient results.   She is extremely passionate about her work and spends her spare time attending clinical training and researching the latest aesthetic techniques to continually advance and perfect her skills.  Nurse Ellen takes a holistic approach for all her patients and completes a full face assessment in order to tailor a treatment plan best suited to the individual. From Dermal Filler to Anti-wrinkle Nurse Ellen has the ability to revolumise, restore and refine to enhance her patient’s natural anatomy. Her end goal is to restore her patient’s confidence and address any concerns to help them feel their best self.  Nurse Ellen is known for her bubbly and loving attitude. If you are looking to enhance your beauty with science at the highest expertise, you have come to the right spot. 
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